Saturday, May 26, 2018

Party time

Hi there Tutti Fans!

Today I got myself into the summer party flow making some cute matching
windmills to pop into lemonade, cupcakes, sweetie jars and a little table seating card.

I used the gorgeous

I used one sheet of 6 x 6 inch double sided paper and cut
the square sizes you can see in photo.

I folded the paper from point to point, as shown, and burnished the folds.

I then cut up each fold just about a centimeter short of the centre point.

I added some tape runner and proceeded to bring one point of each cut up to centre.
They are held together with a silver square brad which attached them to the straws.
The little table seating card is 2" x 2.5", folded in half.
Stamp your sentiment and secure the smallest windmill to the side using the brad.

Easy and quick and you know your squares will be perfect using these great dies.

For my project I have used

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  1. So while it's true that the people make an event (and the people definitely made any event!) this venue NYC space definitely adds a different dimension to it. Went there for an evening event and I was really impressed.

  2. So fun, great idea, and so fun. Awesome!

  3. You are so creative

    Can I copy your design?


    Tangki Panel