Friday, February 24, 2017

Three Fishes swimming, Beautiful Koi.

Hello and welcome to Friday with Tutti Designs and Samantha Wade
Each and every Friday I will be sharing a Tutti Designs Project with you.

 Today is Koi, TUTTI-272.
I have Koi pond with 8 beautiful fish, so was so pleased to receive this die, Love it.

Die cut the Koi three times from patterned card. Then glue one onto black card, one onto white card and cut out. Shape each Koi with a ball tool and mat. 

I made a Z card and used a variety of blue papers.
Used 3D foam pads to make the koi stand out.
Add a sentiment to finish.

Hope you like the card.

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  1. Oh Samantha this is just FABULOUS! What an awesome design to showcase your beautiful Koi fish! Well done ... wonderful inspiration!!

  2. I really like your beautiful Koi card .I also had a Koi pond and love the colors. There are so many colors in Koi ,it would be fun to see more of their colors in cards.A beautiful card well made Samantha.

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